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​Full Page Layout Pg 110, Handler's Special Edition, Poodle Variety Magazine  April 2017

Full Page Layout Pg 70  & Back Cover, Stud Edition, Poodle Variety Magazine Jan 2018

Westminster Kennel Club Ad February 2018

Therapy Dog for Manor Care West Allentown, PA.

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Photo rights belong to Jodie Budihas-Roginsky

Photo rights belong to Jodie Budihas-Roginsky.

Custom's Rodeo's Sir Bebe Blessing Noir Dazzleton 

Glow Sir Pierre Frenchy Pompey born February 25, 2016 in Canada has made Allentown & Danville, Pennsylvania (USA) his permanent home. He is a Miniature Poodle owned by Jodie Budihas-Roginsky and Gloria Koolsbergen. Bred by Gloria Koolsbergen of Glow Miniature Poodles.

email: pompeygrandchampion@gmail.com.

Photo rights belong to Jodie Budihas-Roginsky

2.3.2024  Dog Show- Hoosier Kennel Club- AKC TV- Indianapolis, Indiana.  CH Sir Bebe Blessing Noir Dazzleton competes in best of breeds toy group (televised).  

Photo rights belong to Jodie Budihas - Roginsky.

Grand Champion Glow Sir Pierre Frenchy was named after my last miniature poodle named Prancer. Prancer was a rescue.  We fought a courageous battle with lung cancer, 11 tough long months.  I wanted to name my next dog with a double blessing in remembrance of Prancer, That is why he has and answers to two first names Pierre and Pompey.  Prancer will never be forgotten he lives on in spirit through Pompey. I just love how he "prances" so elegantly in the ring.

Westminster 2019-  Property rights to photos of Jodie Budihas-Roginsky

Westminster (New York) February 11 & 12 th, 2019  "Pompey" was featured on ET ,a television show, and an international publication during staging area covering international dogs.

Member of the Poodle Club of Lehigh Valley. Lehigh Valley, PA.

Championed by 8 months of age (January 20224)

Pompey completed his health testing and is ready for breeding.

Pompey and Welly continue to serve as therapy dogs for Bloomsburg University and Manor Care. 

Photo rights belong to Jodie Budihas-Roginsky

Registered with AKC and CKC. At 6 months of age he began his show career and by 11 months of age achieved his Conformation Title as Grand Champion. At a year of age he became a Certified Therapy Dog.  He comes from a studied breeding program; a pedigree of champions.  Passed personality and temperament assessment test. Enjoys being pampered, loves attention. Pompey has a stunning coat, proper pigmentation and dense body that carries well with judges. Highly competitive ring side and bonded very well with his handlers.  His appearance coupled by his health tests will make for a great breeding option. For inquiries please contact, jodieb@rcn.com. Please visit OFA.org for all testing.

American GCH CH Glow Sir Pierre Frenchy Pompey, THDN, CGC 


American GCH CH Custom's Rodeo's Sir Bebe Blessing Noir Dazzleton.


Member of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

AKC# PR27218103

Born: 5/7/2023

Gotcha Date: 9/20/23

Visit to Handler: 10/5/2023

Campaign start: December 2023

Health Testing DNA Completed: 10/8/2023

Wisdom Sample ID PFKTJNH

OFA CAER- Eyes 10/8/2023

OFA Health Test 10/8/2023

Champion by 8 months old

​2.3.2024 AKC TV -Hoosier Kennel Club Indianapolis IN

AKC# PR19327701                                CKC# DC648515 

DNA# V791602

Neogen # C0935676
OFA# PO-EYE3008/9M-PI                                                     12-21-16

OFA#PO-EYE3008/19M-PI                                                    10-01-17

Degenerative Myelopathy DM PO-DM1180/11M-PI              2-21-17

PRA                Clear Optigen #17-530                                    2-08-17

DM Test          Clear Optigen  #17-530                                   2-08-17

Rcd4-LOPRA   Normal/ Clear #17-530                                  2-16-17

RCD-4                      PO-P4-77/11M-PI                                    2-21-17

PRCD                       PO-PRA1322/11M-PI                              2-21-17

​Thyroid                    PO-TH3741/15M-VPI                              6-06-17

​Patellars                  Passed                                                    5-26-17

Osteochondrodysplasia Test   PO-OC190/11M-PI               2-21-17
 Geneoscoper Optimal Wisdom Panel BR01 052 

Certified Theapy Dog                                                             3/9/2017

Title Change AKC THDN, CGC                                              04/06/17

​VGL Testing                                                                         June 2017

​Brucellosis                                                                                 1-4-18

​Hips/ Elbows OFA                                                                    3-23-18

Dog of Westminster Kennel Club Show 

February 9. 10,11,12 2019